Like my Bro (kinda long =)

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I've known this guy for about six years now and even longer since we were younger. I have liked him ever sin
ce i could remember. Over the past few months I have noticed (or it's all in my head) that he might like me
too. He always looks at me and smiles or laughs. He's really nice to me and I really do like him alot. Tonig
ht we went to the movies and watched "Closer". (btw he is going back to Michigan tomorrow) We have seen prob
ably over hundreds of movies in the past years together, alone, or in a crowd of friends. Most he has sat ne
xt to me (once i went with him and some other people and i left to get popcorn. we were sitting on opposite
ends and when i came back, his coat was in my seat so i just moved it to the seat beside me). We have never
really seen an intimate movie like "Closer" together and it's the last day he's gonna be here before he leav
es tomorrow. We went alone too. Afterwards he asked me if I was hungry and I said "yes", just to spend a few
more precious moments with him. We went to Taco Bell =) and he insisted on paying for me (even though it was
only $3.00). Then we drove around kinda quiet and he finally said, "Let's go eat at my place." I was so exci
ted and my heart began to pound faster and faster. I was disappointed to see that his sister, uncle, and mom
were home already (about 11:30pm). We ate and watched "Anchorman". He kept looking at me while laughing duri
ng the movie and I was almost positive that he was going to ask me to spend the night (but it didn't turn ou
t that way =().
A few days back we went to a hotel after snowboarding and it was him, his sister, me, and my cousin. Usually
it would be he sleep with his sister and I sleep with my cuz. He made a little comment that he should sleep
with him and let his sister sleep with my cousin. It seemed like he was semi-joking, but not that much.

A few days before he told me he needed to ask me a personal question and hadn't asked me yet. So he drove me
home and reminded me that he hadn't asked me yet (of course i didn't forget b/c i thought he was gonna ask m
e if I was gay, which i hoped he would, but he didn't). So he asked me something else that was kinda persona
l but not really. I was so disappointed and heart-broken that it ruined my day. So i got out of is car and s
aid "bye" in the most sincere way and he seemed like he had something on his chest that he had to get off. B
ut I just closed the door and went inside. Now I'm here regreting so much b/c I didn't do anything about it
tonight. Again, he's leaving tomorrow or the next day and I really want to come out to him (he's the only on
e I've thought about coming out to). But everytime I want to I get this thought that he has no feelings for
me and everything pointing to him being gay was either all in my head or just a mere coincidence. I really w
ant to know how he feels about me and I want to come out before he leaves. But I'm so nervous. I'm afraid he
'll look at me different and treat me different. We always make fun of how nasty gays are but deep down I kn
ow I don't mean it. There is a piece of information I'm leaving out that could definitely sway people's perc
eptions on this, so if you have any advice then PLEASE post or ask for my E-mail so I can give you the missi
ng info. Thanks in advance to everyone!!

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tell him already

What have you got to lose? It sure sounds like he's into you, and if he's not then he should still be willing to accept you.


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hahaha what about you and you

hahaha what about you and you homo-erotic experiences at school? sounds alot like that guy likes you.


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Would be a fair point, but fo

Would be a fair point, but for the fact my parents have forbidden me from coming out. And homosexuality is illegal where I am. Otherwise, I would have.


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who cares what your parents s

who cares what your parents say..... you dont have to tell them anyway..... as for the whole illegal thing.... that is a good point.


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Go for it.

Everyone is nervous about comming out expecially when its that secret crush, but even straigt people are afraid to tell somone they like them. its apart of our nature as people, were all fragile and dont want to be rejected, hurt, or embarressed. But like said before what do u have to lose, if you tell him and he feels the same way you have all the more to gain, `and if hes not gay but is still a good friend then u can really be yourself around him and ur relationship will be that much stonger.... and if he cares about it he dosnt matter, youll find the quote "those who care dont matter and those who matter dont care" really comes into play when ur coming out to people.
you have to do what feels right, and if ur hankorin to tell hiim who you really are then you should do it.

Life is a garden, Dig it.

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do it!!

you should just do guys are already good friends.i told my best friend and even though he's the most feminine heterosexual
, built like a 10 year old girl and super homophobic, we are still
best of friends.he's just scared of me and calls me a fag boy-J/K.
really though, he seems to like you, maybe not romanticlly just yet
but who knows until you find out for should be thankfull
that you have the ability to care and become as infatuated with
someone as you have.too many people are soo afraid to be hurt that
they would just let their feelings die.