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Turns out I'm never gonna be able to fly! I have big feet and small hands, apparatnly such a combination makes flying impossible not matter how hard you flap. Today has been a sad day :(



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i have this friend.

hereforth known as "Dodgy Dave" .. who has this fabulous non-sequitor .. where in the middle of a conversation with someone (who is boring) he elbows me and whispers in my ear .. 'you know jethro (his bf) has reeeallllyyy small fists ...".

He also gave me my current favorite euphemism for gay sex.. re : 'i want to tongue fuck his shitter'..

never a dull moment wiith me mate dodgy dave.

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Soggy gloves

Honey, we've been through this...what about the gloves eh? Filled with water, i'm sure it could work :)

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oh im sure youll be able too.maybe youll grow a bit to fit into those feet...So maybe in a few years your wings will have sprouted and your a few feet taller and then finally you will be aerodynamic!

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