She doesn't want to deny needs anymore

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So, ummm...she's a fantastic friend, beautiful brunette, loving-caring person, and i have stolen an excellent kiss from her. She drives me incompletely insane. Sometimes i'm totally crazy when i think about her. ONly, she's my best friend. Someone i have to see everyday, and in some way, i know she needs me too. She fears losing what we have...i yearn for our friendship to be set on flames.
She has had girlfriends before, but now thinks it's wrong to be with a woman. I have never truly loved anyone before. She thinks that i would regret initiating or recieving any form of sexual advance if it were first with another woman...but i long to hold her close.
I have had experiences with men, but none of them were like this. I have gone to third base with them, i guess you could say, and i didn't feel anything much more than their bodies. Kissing her was like finding myself lost in a dream, wondering if it's real or not. I know that i'm in love with her, there's no doubt in my mind.
Only, i don't know where to go from here. She doesn't want to lose what we have. She doesn't want to cross that line with me (or any other woman for that matter). I'm a love-sickle. I know she wants to taste my love. I know she's tempted by my eyes...I can see her stairing back into mine - the wheelz churning in her mind relentlessly. I'm in-love and if i had my way, I'd spend everyday with her for the rest of my life...


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You know
I'm sure some things are possible between you 2. You only need time.

By the way, i answered your mail, go check, because Inbox will always say 0, even if there are some into it ^_~

take care!
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Same thing...

I love my best friend too...I know how you can feel, and how your best friend can feel...It's terrible to be between two emotions like she does...I feel the same way...I love her so much, but sometimes I fear to lose her and the relationship I share with her. I think it's perfectly normal.Don't worry about it,the way you're talking about her, she won't resist you long! :D