Silencious Guy = What to do?

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hi there!

Many of you seem to have read my post about this sulencious guy in my schoool bus. I've been suggested on talking to him. Of course, i knew i had to do, because he might really be on the edge. ( see my post if you don't understand )

But i'm a timid person. And since i've been bullied myself in the school bus ( Mostly by the guy's brothers), i never ever talk. So now, how to go and talk to him, let him know i want to listen and be kind of a friend. The last thing i said to him was last year, the last day of school, i went to sit next to him, and said : Hey i wish you a nice summer !

He looked kinda bored and not really surprised, but at least he said : you too

Now i'm asking, what should i do? how can i go now talk to him, and still being realistic, i haven't talked to him in ages now...

Please, how can I help the Silencious boy?

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Don't know

Hey, i don't really have any advice to give you, i just didn't want you to think that no-one was reading this...
I guess it would be easy for me to tell you to try and work up the courage and talk to's not like you have to start a conversation with him straight away, maybe just start with "hey" and a smile when you see him, and then work up to asking him questions and, really i have no idea what to tell you...everything else i can think of sounds corny and unrealistic...oh i know lol, find out his email address and send him anonymous nice, happy messages...kidding, sorry can't really help :( But good luck anyways

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Just talk to him say hey wut

Just talk to him
say hey wuts up or bump into him so he notices you

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It's not that easy to talk to the guy!

He didn't like me for many years, how can I explain to him i wanna be friends now? Please help.....

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I'm sure you'd know better than I would, but

Maybe he hasn't liked you all these years, maybe he has. If he hasn't, then I can't see what you have to lose by starting to talk to him now. You sound like you're a little nervous, that's all.