Wasn't I just insisting I was straight a year ago?

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On the way home from our first "Pippin" rehearsal, Alan and his girlfriend--we'll call her Kate--sit in the backseat talking, and I'm in the middle row of the minivan next to my three-year-old brother.

I keep repeating in my head, "I'm gay, I'm gay, I'm gay..."

It stops me from thinking. Maybe it makes my gayness feel like a lie when it's used as a... denial mechanism? Painkiller? Thought-stopper?

I'm trying to ignore any emotions at all towards Alan.

After that apology letter I sent him when he was in the hospital on Friday, a thought lurks in my mind, ignored, but given more attention than my feelings.

Do I want to be friends with Alan, or is it just because I'm lonely and I miss our friendship?

I shove it out of my head before I think. My facial expression is as still and intangible as the faces of the presidents of the US carved into whatever mountain it is. Lonely depression seeps into the cracks of my incantation:

"I'm gay I'm gay I'm gay I'm gay I'm gay I'm gay..."


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Consider you arent gay dont use a sexuality to escape him
you should probably stay friends
trust me i've been there!

"There are no flowers no not this time" AFI

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:) Thanks

Yeah... I don't know, I've been so weird about sexuality and admitting attraction since I admitted I liked Alan last year and abruptly got terribly sad because I knew he didn't like me back... Right now, I think I'm about 75% attracted to women, and 25% attracted to men. But it's hard with so few cute guys in my school, or with me not talking to many...