Well today is yesterday (the day after yesterday:a blockbuster hit)

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well today wasn't bad at all except ppl had so many questions for me I was flooded
who do you like?
whats the lucky guy's name?
stuff of that sort...

i came into school avoiding the ppl who i thought would embarrase me in front of everyone
and I came to the group of girls that were really excepting and they were like
"were so happy for you!!!!"
and then this girl Claire (stupid Bitch that no one likes)says "hey jerrry i told
Ellie Scott this girl in grade 11 and i thought she would freak and tell every one
and I yelled at claire and called her a mega-bitch from the fires of hell
and she started to cry except no one flet sry for her they came to me!
Andno one likes her any more
and thats basically what happened

any comments kiss my jkjkjk