What are friends for.

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We had fun moments together
As well as bad
Through thick and thin we went
Nothing held us back
No one could pull us apart
Like a hand to a glove
We spoke about everything we felt
Complete everything
We where each others light in the darkness

Now I sit here wondering how
How could this happen to me
My trust destroyed instantly
Within in space of a milli-second
Why I ask?
Is the hate so bad
Did I really deserve this
Why or why??
Can’t you answer me?
It must have taken much evil to pull off
I still can’t understand….. A friend!!

You got me speechless
Timing was immaculate
Well planned idea
To destroy a heart of a friend
Why, how
Could you do this to me
And you call yourself a friend

Well orchestrated
Only intelligence used
A friend you are to me
I trusted, I loved
Truly, mind & soul
Why, how
Could you do this to me
And you call yourself a friend

You stole my love away from me
You know the way I felt about her
But how could ya
In front of my very eyes
Getting your freak on
Like a game being played
Do you really think I’m such a fool
To believe, such jeolosy, so evil

My heart’s like fragments of glass, broken
All anger directed at you and only you
She can go on her way, cause I ain’t taking her back
My arms, she shall not have, Maybe yours!!
I despise you from the deepest
H….A….T….E is all I feel
My precious you stole
What are friends for, you explain

My notion of friends was like siblings
Always there watching, protecting, caring
And the list goes on…..
You supposed to make sure I was happy
And me you……..


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Excellent, very angry but that's a good thing in this case. I loved it and just thought I'd comment because I need to do that more.

I lived my life in shadow- never the sun on my face
It didn't seem so sad though, I figured that was my place.