What is the thing you love most about the one you love?

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Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was a preteen. And, like so many other preteens, I wondered a lot about love and why in the world people would want to have sex anyway. With my parents fighting every so often, I wondered why my parents loved each other. To reassure myself that they did love each other and just out of curiosity, I decided to ask each of them--when they were alone with me--what they loved most about the other.

Dad and I were driving home from someplace or other, and we had a little time, so I decided to try my question out first on him. I was kind of shy about it, though, so it took me a bit to work up my courage.

"Dad, what is the one thing you love most about Mom?" I asked.

He was silent for a while. The windows fought off attacks of rain and the windheild wipers squeaked. The black night was spotted with headlights getting smaller and larger again as they got closer and farther away. My stomach was jumping in the same way the raindrops bounced off the windshield.

"The way she sees beauty in everything, the way she thinks everything is beautiful." he said.

"Oh. Cool," I said.

"Good question," Dad said, still in his pensive tone.

"Thanks," My voice was very quiet by now.

We were quiet the rest of the way home, but it was a thoughtful silence. I digested what I had just learned, full of warmth at the knowledge that my dad really did love my mom. At least a little.

Mom was next. I asked her a few days later, when we were driving home at night from my violin lesson. Tonight the sky was clear, and dotted with a few stars. I could hear the whoosh as we passed cars in the lanes next to us. Mom has always been a fast driver.

"Mom?" I asked.

"Yes, honey?" She was squinting at the road.

"What do you love most about Dad?"

Again, there was a silence, but a shorter one.

"Well--can I only pick one?"

"Yes, Mom," I clarified.

We zoomed along the highway for a few silent minutes, the red hindlights glaring at us as we passed them.

"I think--it's the way he's like an anchor to me. Always bringing me back to where I am. That's what I love most about him," she replied at last.

"Oh. Cool," I said.

Soon we were chatting about other things as we drove our way home in the headlight-spotted dark.


Well... I don't know why I posted this. It's just a funny memory for me now, I guess. I don't even know if my dad loves my mom anymore. Is he just here because he feels a duty to her? I don't know. It's hard to know.

I know this isn't a forum, but I feel kind of like asking this anyway. For anyone who's reading, what do you love most about the one you love? Maybe it's too personal a question... I don't know. I'm in kind of an odd mood tonight.


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What I love most is...

Her smile. Honestly.

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well since i currently have no relationships-and will probably have none for a time, i'll reply about my sister, who is my closest family member. What i love about her most is the way she can always make me happy, no matter what kind of a day i'm having.

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There are so many things.

That's an infinitely impossible question to me. Ah. But I like it anyway.

Well, I guess I have to say...
her eyes.

And not only because they're beautiful, they certainly are, but because those eyes are the only ones that see past some stupid facade I wear and actually seem to like what they see. They're the only ones that would look over a crowd and see me standing there as everything else dissolves into the background where it's comfortable.

Those eyes. Brimming with wisdom and godknowswhatelse that makes me so crazy about them. It just makes you remember respect.

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that's a hard (but lovely) question...

I guess I'll have to agree, and say her eyes. Her eyes. Her eyes, those dark tired moons, weighed down by hundreds of cigarettes. Her eyes of rust and flame and coffee. Her eyes that brim with mirth, that pierce with hot emotion. Her eyes that reflect art in all that she sees. Her eyes that meet mine and make them feel worthy, divine.

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Just the way she made me feel like I was someone, like I actually mattered, when I was around her. And she created beauty, always always, she brought an element of the aesthetic into everything. But mostly because she used to love me too, once.

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.. her little sounds...

What i like the most about my girlfriend are her little sounds. Always diffrents for everything. I love the one she makes when i tickle her ear, the one when i'm teasing her, the one she makes trying to convince me, the one she makes when i tell her i've hurt myself, the one she makes when she asks me to be careful, the she makes when she's a little frustrated, the way she laughs, and the sound she amkes when she blushes, she's always so cute... and i'm so in love with her...

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Tough question

What do I love most about the one I love? There are so many things I could mention. Think think think. Thought about it.

It's the way she makes me feel. Alive, vibrant, and whole. My life has some meaning with her in it.

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Thanks for all the responses everyone :)

They made me smile. :)