Where Is My Immune System? (caution: contains graphic gross details)

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Hi Oasis-

I just got back from the pharmacy where i had to choose out of like 10 brands a "saline nasal gel" that is supposed to make my nose feel better...i dont know whats up with me..this winter or last month or so has been crap i dont think ive gone 5 days straight w/o some cold, pain, injury or w/e - boooo!!!

anyways - this saline gel is burning and actually is hurting me not making me feel better- but i think it is cause the inside of my nostrils have literally been killed....they are like i dont know -dying- i look fine-but im not- they itch- are stuffy and this is really gross but when ever i try to blow my nose i get blood and snot which is nastyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! and like dry blood too.....i think its due to my nose being runny and the fact that its like 5 degress out plus other crap thats making it hurt...i hate this..i hate this...i hate this...

ha ha this is funny:
the box for the gel literally reads-

"Gel may be placed inside nostrils to help relieve discomfort" um noooooo!!!!!!!!!!

i seriously want to sleep for 5 days straight- then maybe when i get up ill be better....

i know this is gross..im sorry..but i thought i should warn you guys to watch out for this saline gel shit - avoid it at all costs

cnn* :(


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That sounds pretty unpleasant, my friend. A lot of times in the winter, when the heat is on inside and the air outside is generally very dry as well, my nose gets very dry, sometimes I get little flecks of blood when I blow it; then it tries to rehydrate itself by running. So anyway, try putting a humidifier in your room (or, if you don't have one, just fill up a bowl of water and put it in your room next to the air vent). Believe it or not, it helps. Talk to you soon, hope you feel better! *hug*