Who actually likes listening to rap on a regular basis????

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I like rap i can listen to it all day. only every now and then am in not in the mood to hear it. but i wanna know who else likes it. and an odd questoin, i would also like to know where you live.


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Hell yea.

I love conscious rap - mos def, talib kweli - using the medium for what it was meant to do: enlight. But I would be a liar if I said I didn't like the commerical stuff .. what are you supposed to dance to at a club?!

wether I can listen to it non-stop all day long - no -
(i'm more of a guitar girl) but I like it alot - where would the music industry be without its killer beats and it's million and one mentions of pimpin', bitches & hoes.

im from Montreal home of poutine and (unfortunetly) Simple Plan.