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I can’t seem to understand the human itself
You can do all to please it but it is still worth nothing
I have been searching so long for the love of my life
I am still sitting here, with out anyone I can relate too
You go through many but none give you what you need
They can seem flawless, but all it is,
is what you see
The hidden secrets tend to unfold as time goes by
My question is
“why waste time, my time


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A Thought...

No, its not you. If it was, it would be all of us. Thank you for sharing.


Intention is the core of all conscious life. It is our intentions that create karma, our intentions that help others, our intentions that lead us away from the delusions of individuality toward the immutable verities of enlightened awareness.

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Thanx Jason Makes some sen

Thanx Jason

Makes some sense, but thanx for your input...will investigate further

Free ain't free until you free from fear.