Worst Date in My 19 years

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Just been hanging around the house today. I went
out last night and I am not happy I did. First the date
was terrible. For the simple fact that she went somewhere
were everyone knew me I don't like to sit thought
dinner with people coming up and telling me how
much they like the cd or asking for me to sign
the cd cover for them. Its like hello I am eating
dinner with a date and can't you leave me alone
I said nothing thought. I didn't want to seem ungrateful
after dinner the movie we picked made it even more ackward.
We decide to skip the club after the movie sine it
was really bad. I think I hate dating. I don't
want to go out when you have people bugging you
or maybe I want my self back. The ability to go
out and not be bugged by everyone and everything
It's not that I am ungrateful and I know it probably
sounds like I am complaining but honestly I love
my fans but I wish they would leave me along during
a dinner date. My sister was understanding thought
saying since she wasn't going to be home
she didn't want me staying home alone
I just know this was the last date I will have with
this girl because it was to much pressure and
annoying people to scare her off. Sigh


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well i hope u will have better dates and less annoying people but good job on keeping ur kool though =]

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In a sense

You know, sure it's annoying to have people disturb you all the time but at least it means you're kinda popular, and it's somehow great.

Everything sounds like it's not the girl's fault, so i'm wondering, will you keep going out with her??

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Both of the above

I am in a band which just let out are first cd
with that a performing at local clubs around here
people think its cool to come up and ask for stuff
when I am on a date. To the questions will I date her
again I would but it kind of scared her that
so many people came up to me and she said it
wasn't going to work so nope I kind of ruined my
chance's with her.

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You're famus or something? I

You're famus or something? I never want to be famus, i will be judged by more people that way.