Wow, I'm back...

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It's been a really long time since I've updated here. But I love Oasis nonetheless. There are so many new faces. It's like, being the older inhabitants of Oasis, you get to witness the different generations. And it's amazing to see how similar the issues and problems are between generations. It's good to know that there are people out there who went through what you're living right now. It's almost comforting.

Anyway, classes start up again on Thursday. I'm looking forward to it because I will be able to see my great friend Matty and my other great friend Meghan. I can visit the GSA at my college and it's a freedom for me to go back to school. Strangely enough, in high school I hated going into school and sitting through class. Now I see it as a luxury to experience all the freedoms of college. It's fun, new, and exciting. Most of the time...Lol.

I've also established that pilates on an exercise ball is round, bouncy death. Hahahaha. Although it provides great amusement for my moms. It's fun,however, and it's amazing exercise. Which is also a HUGE plus.

That's about it. I'm single again. *shrug* What can ya do??? I honestly think I'm just unfit for a relationship. *Sigh* I shall go dwell in a cave in the mountains somewhere, a place where I can sing as loudly as I want to and where I can paint the walls as I see fit...Wait a minute that doesn't sound altogether too bad!!! >^-^<

Catcha later guys! Welcome to all the new people I have unfortunately missed out on!!! It's very nice to have you here, and feel free to talk to me. I'm an eclectic person and I've been through my share of "issues" and problems. Have a good night everyone! Oh, and a big hug to all the alumni at Oasis!!!!


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I suppose I am one of those new people, having joined in October, but I've seen you post a little bit, and I like your posts. I'm excited you're back!

I looked at your profile, and you have a lot of the same interests I do (though mine change less). Which is cool. Yeah...

I can't wait to get to college. I hate high school! Arrgh... and I'm only a sophomore, too...

Anyway, welcome back to Oasis!

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Thank you so much for the comment and I'm glad you like my posts as random as they may be! It's always good to find someone who has the same interests as I do. >^-^<
"Always forward. Never straight."