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I haven't really put anything down for awhile, cause well, it all seemed like the same stuff. I wrote, but just didn't keep it. But good things are happening. So yay. To start, my car is going to be fixed. Yay. And if all goes as planned I'll be out of the house and with a job within two weeks. This is good news. I can finally start doing the things I want and need to do. And if my family can't handle who I am. Well. I won't be dependant anymore.

What else has happened? Er. Well. I tried to get my mom to go to a PFLAG meeting. But that was a obviously not going to happen. You see. My car was broken and I needed a ride. Which I ended up not getting. So. Frown. If she can't handle it and thinks it's just a phase, that's her problem. I've given up on them all.

Oh geez. I'm just so happy about moving. I can't think.


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Happy for you!

it's nice you'Re having good news!
Happiness is always welcomed isn't it?
And just you happy put a smiel on my face, thanks! =D

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