7 Hour Conversation

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I talked to her for seven hours and it was "great" we both finally realized how long we were on the phone when it was 6 hours into the conversation. it didnt even feel like it either, we talked the whole time, never an awkard silence. i thought it was funny because i lloked at the clock when it was eight something and didnt look again until it said 12 something at night. it felt soo good to talk to her. we had this flirtation thing goin on, omg! i havent stopped smilin since i woke up this morning. she kept on mentioning how she liked this one girl but she wouldnt tell me. but she did tell me other peoples names of who she liked. i ffelin good right now and im really starting to like her that much more, knowing that i have a chance with her.

oh yea, she wouldnt tell me that she liked me but it went thru the grapevine weave of a few friends and she said that she likes me a lot.

i havent told my ex about her yet. i wonder if she'll even care.

adios for now.


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Yay! I'm happy for you. Hope things work out.

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Having an ex isn't baggage, i

Having an ex isn't baggage, it's skillz development. :-)