A Bible Tidbit About Homosexuality References

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Im taking a philosophy course about wilderness and humans..um yeah dont ask -i have to..lol..its interesting though..anyways so my teacher who is the chair of the philosophy department at my school (she's really awesome/smart/liberal/funny)mentions to us this tidbit about the bible:

Usury is the most criticized action in the bible- approximately 25 times it is mentioned in the bible as something bad that christians or catholics shouldnt do

(usury- money lending with interest rates)

so then shes says- so for those that think homosexuality is a big thing in the bible - it has been mentioned like once (cathy had it in her post too -from Leviticus i believe)

at this point i had a huge grin on my face and was like YAY! she's the shit- and everyone in our class was like wow----

its funny too before she had mentioned this i had suspected she might be you know what lol..but i dont care she's cool either way :)

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Since finding this website

Since finding this website I've been referring people to it, it's very interesting and informative on this subject: http://www.libchrist.com/

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I don't like being the bearer

I don't like being the bearer of bad news, but homosexuality is condemned on three different occassions in the book of leviticus, and at least twice in the book of romans. you can also find a warning against the dangers of it in second kings...(oh the joys of having a study bible...in less than five minutes i can find any and every scripture on any subject imaginable...) I think it is important to remember that it DIDN'T make the big ten though, and virtually what? 95% of this country breaks the law about keeping sabbath worship holy. I think that people find it easier to condemn others' when the so-called "wrong action" does not apply to them.

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