A funny thing happened today on the way home from the office

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on the corner of University and Albert
waiting for my transfer, I had an encounter
he was homeless
he was drunk
he wanted to hug me, and bum a cigarette
I let him do these things
because that's the kind of person I am
he staggered off, and I gave it no more thought
the way you do at 5:30 leaving the office
when you've already had quite enough and just want to put your feet up and order Chinese
a moment later, I saw him again
in a bouncer's headlock, outside a certain tavern which I frequent occasionally
curses were exchanged, but no real harm was done
he got off the sidewalk, grabbed his can of malt liquor from the bus shelter
said "fuck it" and went his way

this moment comes back to me, in the evening
and I wonder at how few choices, how few moments
make up the difference between his life and mine


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Really makes you think, doesn

Really makes you think, doesn't it?



"People who take you at face value will always be your true friends. Truth + laughter = good friendships."
--milly the fairy