All the Emo Boys are From Ohio!

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Been taking a long look around here
And as of late I’ve come to notice something
The cute boys all live far off
In places like Cali, Texas, Jersey, some even from Oklahoma
But all the emo boys
Call Ohio home

Why are all the beautiful black haired boys in Ohio?
Emo kids are taking root in Ohio!
Ohio stole all the emo boys!
Why are all the black haired boys coming from Ohio!
What’s in Ohio?
Why Ohio!

I think there’s an emo boy cult in Ohio
Don’t know why they’d go to Ohio
But they’re all there
Give us back the beautiful black haired emo boys Ohio!
You’ve had your fair share!

LOL i wrote this saturday night when i was sooooo wasted lol.
I think it was because i was online talkign to a few people and
every single awesome/cute emo kid with black hair seemed to be
from ohio!

Are all the black haired emo boys really from ohio? o_O



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I hope so, considering I migh

I hope so, considering I might go to college there. Hehehe.