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I wrote this when I had a fever, but it still made me smile even when I got better so I decided to post it:

I am old, and gay, and beautiful
And if anyone tells me otherwise
I smile, like a sunbeam eight minutes from the sun's surface
And tell them:

Once I was young, and gay, and innocent
And I kissed women under the distant stars and the soft blue sky
And I smiled-in-love
The moonlight caught in my eyes

Now I am old, and gay, and beautiful
I tell them

And I beam at the young, the innocent
Who tell me otherwise


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I like that, I really really

I like that, I really really like that.

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me loves it toooooo!

"If you love someone, tell them for hearts are often broken by words left unspoken"

1 in 3 women think of having sex or experimenting with other women

"Should I smile because we're friends or frown because thats all we'll ever be?"

cnn* :)

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love your confidence

i'm young, dunno if i'm gay or not, but i can tell you that confidence like that is hot in itself...aside from the fact that you're probably maturing beautifully.

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Wow. Deep. Tarni. -----

Wow. Deep.



"People who take you at face value will always be your true friends. Truth + laughter = good friendships."
--milly the fairy

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I love it

I have to add my praise. I love it!

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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I'd better get sick and feverish more often; the poetry that comes out seems to have a big effect.

Just as a side note, I am not all that the narrator says she is in the poem. I am 15--decide for yourself if that is old, but sometimes it feels like it. I don't know if I'm gay or not. I am beautiful. To me anyway, and to others. And I am young, and losing my innocence...

Anyway, thank you all for the wonderful comments!

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very nice poem. 13 can be old too.

*If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?*