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Today was really wierd.. *rolls eyes* I got called to the office and the
vice principle decided me and Jeremy weren't going to get in trouble
(the real reason being that alot of the football team had been complaining
that its not wrong to do that.. sorta stuff to.. well me.. but anyway!)
but he decided that I should go see the councilor.. ME!

So I went.. only after elaborately dissing him in every fashion in my head
(you know how it is.. you come up with the great comebacks after its over)
Mrs. Nick (the councilor) decided with her absolute brilliance to ask me
why Jeremy was angry towards me.. There are some people that need to be
hit as hard as one can possibly be hit with the bluntest, dullest object
known man.. I explain to her that it was probably because of the "revival"
we had on friday.. she says.. "you mean the debate?" we argued over it
being a debate for almost thirty minutes.. she thinks that homosexuals were
equally spoken for.. i gave her my traffic finger.. (apparantly it was for
my own protection that i didn't go.. because you know.. real christians
are tottaly ruthless and bloodthirsty.. I'm sure Jesus was.)

After that she wanted to try figuring out why I'm gay.. she litteraly said
"maybe if we find the root of the problem you can stop pretending.."
Once again.. some people should be taken into a field and be beaten with
crow bars.. but thats my opinion

I took an hour of time trying to convince this woman that it is indeed
possible for someone of any sex to love someone of any sex.. needless to
say i failed in making her see anythign less than that i was in deep

Normally i would have just walked out.. but i was determined to make a
point (stupid me..) She after an entire three minutes of evauating my
school and home life decided i must be gay because i never had good
expierences with my sister, i feel attachment to men because my father
and mother divorced and hes never been around and i'm trying to dublicate
my mothers love for men because shes the only role model i have and i want
her to accept me.. This honestly could very well have something to do with
it.. but at the same time she figured you could just "Snap" out of it and
be completely "normal" I ended up telling her that even if i could i
wouldn't (strange concept..)

We argued.. and we argued.. and we argued.. and argued some more.. hell we
were practically screaming at one another when she finally calmed down
and told me i was a hopeless case. So thats right i'm completely hopeless.
Oh well.

Her last decree before sending me out of the office was to tell me that
she didn't want me wearing my earing (cause its in the right ear..) or
my armband (those rainbow one you get from hot topic) anymore.. I told
her she could go F**k herself and that i'd take it to court if she even
tried to punish me for it and with a final staredown (she blinked first..)
she sighed and said "fine wear them, see if i care your ruining your life"

Thats a sweet woman let me tell you.

All in all i think its a victory for me.. even if most of the school and
staff is hating me.. Things will get better, just have to keep telling
myself that and i'll be fine.

"We're all hopelessly in love with hating being in love with someone we
hate that loves us because we hate them.. its beautiful"
~Taylor Davis