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I was thinking the other day about what attracks to me to women. Well, actually, first I was thinking about what makes me willing to have sex with a guy. I would never use the word attract with guys. It's never about that really. I guess you could say it's about scratching an itch. For me, a guy has to be "the bad boy". He's ussually experianced, and would be totally fine with a one night stand type deal. It is absolutely, positively never about a connection.

Then, I was thinking about my various crushes on girls. They almost all have a few things in common. The one huge difference compared to guys is that they are the epitomy of pure. They would more than likely not have a one night stand. They do not do drugs. They barely drink (if ever). They are all intelligent, and can hold up their end of a conversation. They don't like breaking the rules. Essentially, they are my polar opposite. They are also pretty much always involved in chorus, which is odd (but that has nothing to do with what I am currently writing about).

The difference is astounding. For guys, it's mostly looks and suave-ness, but with women it's all about personality, and intelligence, and I guess prude-ness to some extent. For girls, it goes well beyond the surface to the point that the surface doesn't really even matter anymore. I don't want a one time thing with a woman, I want commitment. I want dates, and getting to know her, and, well, dating in general. I need to be more out I think. At least then I would have a fighting chance. Come to think of it, I don't even think I've even flirted with a queer girl before. Bah humbug. I need to do something about this.