Chaos of a Sort

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I'm used to being a funny, cool, but still reserved kind of person. When things bother me I don't like to let it show. That's what has f***ed up my life a lot until this point. I don't talk much unless I know someone fairly well, and even then it's not over the phone. For many reasons, I guess, things between Kris and I didn't work out. It's kinda funny because we all want to take the blame. Kris and I talked a good dealthis weekend about stuff that we truly should have discussed whe we were going out. At least we're communicating better now though. She's such a great friend. Until this weekend, I never knew how much everything affected her. I never really knew her side of the story. Well, now that I do, I don't plan on making the same kind of mistake again.

On to happier things though, I saw her dance performance on Friday. It was really cool. On Saturday, I had a bowling tournament and did pretty good. I shot 589 for three games so hopefully that will help me for when I have to finish this weekend. Then, she and some of our other friends came out to see Hitch with me, Le, and Z. Despite some bad reviews and tension that about ate me alive, I liked it. After that and a bite to eat, Kris and I did the whole confessional thing. Le and I had talked about senior year earlier last week, though it took some convincing. I'm pretty talked out now. I feel kinda naked after bearing all two times in less than a week.

Valentine's Day seems to be the calm after the storm. Despite being cliche, I like V-Day. While I like to spoil my girl on any given day, V-Day is just another reason. I also use Valentine's Day to show my appreciation for others. Cards with personalized messages, stuffed animals, hugs... I think that Valentine's Day is just a another day to show your appreiciation and affection. It gives me an excuse to show it more than I might usually. Why begrudge others this day? It celebrates Saint Valentine, who forbiddenly married couples that were in love before the Roman emperor had him beheaded. He sure sounds worthy of celebrating to me. Now if only people were more open to celebrating the love between two people rather than the love between people of the opposite sex.