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What is the definition of coming out of the closet? Is this just another one of those subjective "it's different for everyone" terms (another example being happiness) or is it a defined state of being? What if you don't try to hide your sexuality, but don't feel comfortable telling people you don't know that well? Are you then still out? I, for one, am just not that open about anything. I would not tell most people that I have two older brothers, nevermind that I am a lesbian. That is not to say that were a conversation to arise about siblings, I would not tell anecdotes like the best of them, just as I would tell anyone who specifically asks what my sexual orientation is. Does this make me less of an open, and out, lesbian, or does this just make me private and sometimes reserved? Because most people do not know I have brothers, am I a closet sister as well? I am an atheist too. Most people do not know that. It is not because I am ashamed, but because it just does not come up that often. A lot of people do not know many personal facts about me. I just don't understand why their knowing I am a lesbian should matter. Most probably know anyway considering the amount of people I Know know.


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I can't answer your main ques

I can't answer your main question, about what is a closet, but I can sorta answer the last comment/question. WHy do most people like others to know(when they feel ready, of course)? I think it's because they don't want others to assume they're something that they're actually not, ie, straight. But you're right, everyone is different, and if you're perfectly happy being more reserved and private, more power to you! It's just what you think that matters, in the end.



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