Confusion: Male v. Female.

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So. There's this guy I really really like, but it's hard for me to get together with him... and go out and stuff. He's intelligent, attractive, kind towards me... but it just seems that our plans are always thwarted by some sort of weird circumstance. Now, there's a female... She's also very smart, very attractive... she's a closet conservative which upsets me, but what can ya do... Anyway, she's expressed feelings towards me. How should I react? I really like nick and I want to have a relationship with him, but things just seem to go wrong. With allison, there's no problems really, but I don't like her as much as Nick and I haven't really decided if I want to date females. It's very confusing. I've made out with her. I felt her skin and her gaze. I touched her curves and her lips. But... But that was lust. I need loving tenderness of that male... That superior strength and intelligence.

So, does anyone have any advice?

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Re: M vs. F

Call it pathetic, call it hopeless dreaming, but honestly whomever makes you happier is going to better for you in the long run. If the guy is who you really want to be with then you should be with him. Simply put, life is short, happiness divine, love and sex are your only commodities, and if you settle for anything less than what you want because its easier then you've failed to have truly lived in the first place.

You shouldn't stop being with someone just because its easier not to be with them! It would be ALOT easier for every GLBT to just be straight, it would probably solve alot of our problems, but the fact remains that we want to have relationships with the same sex because its what we want!

All relationships have problems. The test of a relationship is if we can handle those problems and overcome them to built on something more beautiful.

Its your life, and you have the ultimate say; but if stop doing things that will make you happy because they're not easy then your lying to yourself and in the end you will only have regrets.

Anyway.. thats my two cents..

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Thank you, very much for your

Thank you, very much for your advice. You're right. I think I know what to do now.