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I had an interesting psychology class today, and one of the topics was
decently interesting so i thought i might share.

[1] We've all had or seen a child (usually young) with an imaginary friend,
and we've all heard or maybe even suffer from schzophrenia (hope i
spelled that right..) and lets not forget that the world is littered with
several spots unique for being "haunted". Has it ever occured to anyone
that maybe these are somehow connected? What if these events (or even
fabricated events)are somehow connected? What if they're really breaches
in reality, soft and fragile links to other universes that exist outside
our own? I mean, only the young and the "insane" ever create these things,
but what if children and certain individuals are just so open and unburdened
that can see through the tiny patchwork of reality? And what about dreams?
Have you ever had a dream that was so real you couldn't tell the difference
between it and reality? What about daydreams? Are they possibly just very
soft doorways into other worlds?

*shrug* ponder it for a while lol


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Oooh, interesting!

*goes off to ponder*

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i agree