Do you have faith?

Yes, Chritianity
34% (27 votes)
Yes, Wicca
6% (5 votes)
Yes, Budisim
5% (4 votes)
Yes, Islam
1% (1 vote)
Yes, Judaism
1% (1 vote)
Yes, other
25% (20 votes)
No, I don't believe in a higher power
27% (21 votes)
Total votes: 79


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Yes, I have faith. In what, I

Yes, I have faith. In what, I can't really guess. It's the sort of faith that keeps you going though you really don't know why. It really has nothing to do with the afterlife, or some higher power, or anything really. Perhaps it's just some idea that got lodged in my brain that living was worthwhile. No need to much all that up with something simply complex like religion.

You can never beat time, but you can sure put up a hell of a fight.

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Wiccan Chick

I'm Wiccan:) I have been for 4 years. It's the religion that works for me. I don't need one but, I have always grown up with one so, it's natural for me to pick one out that fits me. I never agreed with Christianity or Catholicism not only because but mainly because of the way homosexuals are viewed and (sometimes) treated. Alright, I've put in my two cents. I feel good now. :)

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more than anything a I supose

more than anything a I supose I'm a quaker who hates meeting for worship.

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I voted No, but I prefer to think of me as more agnostic, than aitheistic. Maybe is just me.

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I feel the same way...

I don't want to rule anything out, but I would prefer a little substantial proof before I start worshipping anyone other than Melissa Etheridge =) So I guess that makes me agnostic as well.

"Always forward. Never straight."

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previous selection

I'm not Jewish, I just noticed that it was missing earlier

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Yes I know

Yes i remember you post so I went back and re-did it so that all were included and i am sorry that you weren't ealier!

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but i was included

if i remember correctly, i chose christianity. but what it is really, is that i'm still green enough to have faith in people

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In regards to religion, I am a skeptic. I am convinced there is no god or supreme being with emphasis upon the God of Abraham. To me it does not make any logical or rational sense, arguments that I hope to bring to debate soon. I am also convinced that the Homeric gods also do not exist. You may at this point assume I am an atheist. That would be incorrect. I consider myself, and rightfully so, an agnostic. Despite my convictions, I understand and accept that my theory can not be proved. I ask any man to disprove rationally and logically the existence of Poseidon; he shall have an impossible task. Therefore, I am unable to declare any idea incorrect. I accept that any religious belief, any possibility currently understood or not could realistically be the end result. Being atheist makes you just as close minded as theists

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I'm an atheist. The idea of a supernatural power or creator runs counter to my logic and reason.

No benevolent being would allow such suffering in the world.
What better way to have believers than to show oneself?

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I see you reasoning

I see your reasoning, but i choose to believe that there is someone there that is at least looking out for us. I mean most of the pain we suffer through is self inflicted. So I hope for all of our sakes that there is someone there. although i am not sure who.

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I agree

I'm an atheist to the Abrahamic god(s), for the same reasons.

Suffering is bad. God is all-powerful Therefore god could eliminate all suffering in the world. But clearly this has not happened. Therefore, if there is an all-powerful god, he must have bad intentions, be unaware, or be stupid.


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Celtic Pagan

I guess that fits into "other."

"Sometimes a little brain damage helps."
-- George Carlin

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Paganistic Christian

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I am the high power.

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None of the above

I neither believe or disbelieve in a God or higher power I simply don't like them.

*A fairy came to me in the middle of the night, sprinkled magic fairy dust on me, tapped me on the head and said "I dub thee gay"*

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you don't dis/believe oook. but what i don't understand is what you mean by you don't like them?

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Unitarian Universalist

And an atheist. I don't believe that a benevolent being would be able to end all the suffering in the world, and since there is suffering, there is no higher power. I think that both suffering and good times are a part of life, inseparable. Have you ever experienced anything that was completely good or completely bad? Good and bad are inseparable, and they give us a way to compare one against the other.

But I'm wandering... I guess I'm just one of those hopelessly realistic people that doesn't really think that there's a higher being watching out for us. We're all on our own. But We have each other. If we can find each other, anyway...

Being an athiest does not mean that I automatically hate those that believe in a higher power, or will try to convert you to "my side." It's a personal belief. I can understand a believer's point of view, I just decided that God probably didn't exist and then forced myself to be what I consider disillusioned.

And, oddly enough, I still have what some people may refer to as "spiritual experiences." At worship services at my church, sometimes I feel what I call spiritual. I don't think it's a contradiction.