Does your state have the anti-gay amendment?

30% (9 votes)
50% (15 votes)
Its still in review
20% (6 votes)
Total votes: 30


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Yup that's right people michigan one of the most liberal states, is filled with a bunch of homophobics.

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I know! i was hoping to go to

I know! i was hoping to go to grad school there and settle down there with my I'm not so sure.

My state doesn't have it yet - but I live in a red state, so it'll happen.

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what state? and i mean it also depends on where in the state you go like ann arbor you'll be really welcomed an embraced.

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thank god no

I live in CA so no anti-gay legislation being written here. I really feel for all those that live in states where these amendments are being written and/or passed.

~If we were all the same, life would be boring

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BLAH Atlanta Georgia is so ho

BLAH Atlanta Georgia is so homophobic even my best friends mom makes fun of gays...
yes i'm pretty sure Georgia has passed the non gay marriage thingy


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I really would have never expected for atlanta to be homophobic that suxs!

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I live in Canada, where this

I live in Canada, where this whole thing is decided at the Federal level. Kind of, my province dug up a clause (not withstanding clause) in our federal constitution that says that the province's can choose not to follow a federal law, if it interferes with their own laws. They missed one little detail, Alberta didn't have a law forbidding gay marriage in the first place...

*crosses fingers that Alberta pulls its head out of its ass*

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Yes, Georgia passed the amend

Yes, Georgia passed the amendment overwhelmingly.

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Here in the UK...

I live in the UK. I hear lots of bad things anout President Bush and gay rights. The Labour government here has really helped over its time in power, its just a shame that its screwing up the country in general.