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Can you feel the pulse? The heartbeat ringing from the core
Sounding from the blood soaked edges of the soul
Escaping from the pristine shells and cutting deep into the world
Can you see the flames? Fires of hatred, explosions of malice
Wreathed in corruption, encompassing the innocent
Burning brighter than the outset of the dawn
Can you taste the blood? Bleeding freely from your self afflicted wounds
Storms of crimson drowning the weak, lifting the brave
Rejoice for soldiers, tragedy for the meek
Can you hear the cries? The harrowing screams of the young
The silent weeping of the old, the unforgiving walk of the criminal
Shameful pleading of the gay and sorrowful eyes of the poor
Can you smell the smoke? Born from the burning lives of the corrupt
Emanating from the mountains of pollutant trash and logged oaks
Turning once blue skies into uninhabitable grey
Can you sense the ruin? The downfall of elegant civilization
The decadent fall of humanity and the golden age
Welcome to darkest hour

Embers burning bright
Fleeting flames surrounding, stealing fragments of perfect night
Candle wicks, dying hearths, and crashing tempest of the mind
Are these images reflections of heart or passing dreams of Earth
Perhaps I looked too deep; possibly I misinterpreted the withering embers
But from somewhere lost unto this form, within shadow and ghost
I whisper to the flames, “forgive us.