Fighting doesnt solve anything.. it does however get rid of all that bitter valentines day anger eh?

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Had a rough day.. Valentines day is possibly the worst day on earth
when you realize your the only one in your entire school that will
most likely never date until college or even after.. *sigh* But that
doesn't get me down as much as it used too.. i figure if nothing else
when i do find someone they'll find that i've had years and years of
built of romance and almost horribly fantasized movie like love that
it'll either drive them out of their mind or smother them to death
but anyway..

So today at lunch everyone gets their valentines and hearts and cards
and flowers and what not and ya know.. i'm feeling left out like so
many countless others in the world.. Feeling lonely on valentines day is
ok.. i mean its not the end of the world and others have it worse.. So
i guess i wasn't feeling bad enough ya know? Has anyone just told you
your not feeling bad enough on a holiday? No? oh well.. Jeremy Lance
figured he'd be the first i guess..

the guy walks over to me while i'm eating my lunch.. him and his "team"
(hes a football jock... go figure..) they come up to me and make it a
point to tell me that, "Wow look, the fag didn't get anything at all."
I pretty passive.. so i let it slide then.. "What none of your fucked
up queer friends send you anything?" I let it slide.. still igoring him
showing him i'm the better man and all.. then.. "Well we got you something
fag." He then hands me a bag (grocery bag) filled to the top with condems,
bottles of lube, packets of KY jelly, bra's, a ball gag.. a spread bar
and some handcuffs.. Honestly they went all out.. and i guess when i
started laughing and said thanks they were angry or something.. So they
knocked my tray into my face (that hurt) and started laughing..

I have never once in my entire life thrown a punch at someone unless
they were truly threatening me.. I've never really been angry at being
made fun of.. Hell i usually dont get made fun of because people know
I'm a horrible enemy to have.. But today was more than enough.. I wasn't
really angry, i just wanted to make a vivid point..

I took the tray and before he could even figure out what was going on
I had slammed it into his face. I dropped the tray he grabbed his nose..
I jabbed him in the ribs as hard as i could then kicked him in the crotch
making him double over in what i assume to be alot of pain. He grabbed
at my leg and i smacked him over the head with the tray again.. he was
out like a light.. Before the "team" could get to me
the teachers were on us.. Some guy punched me in the face as i was
being drug away (that hurt alot actually).. Me and Jeremy were sent to
counciling.. We made up (not really..) and have detention for the next
week.. *sigh*

I did keep their valentines present though.. you never know when that
stuff might come in handy right?

all in all i was pretty happy.. Strange huh? lol

Everyone have a good day


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I don't believe some idiot just came up to you and knocked a tray into your face. If I were you I would've done the same, just kicked his ass (not that I think violence is good, but this guy literally asked to get smacked.)

I knew a guy like that from my high school...he's a football jock too, and he got some scholarship to a college in the US. I couldn't think of someone less deserving to get a scholarship from our high school.

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How terrible... and cool

I'm sorry crap like that has to happen. But good for you that you got the bastard back. Usually, I'm not an advocate for violence, but it seems as if you've put up with just about enough. I'm not sure what I would've done, but I hope I would be nearly as brave as you.

I would've kept the goodies too.

You can never beat time, but you can sure put up a hell of a fight.