"Findin' Yourself....were you lost in the First Place?"

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~~We all heard this...and this is probably some of the best advice given. "Wait a little wile you have to find you self first." But what does that really mean? Is it just a clever politician's way to answer around a question? is it a method of puttin' the situation (whether your'e gay/straight/lesbian/bi/ect) off for a little while?
Parent's send their children off to college, often times those kids will tell you that their there to find themselves and what they're gonna be in life...Could this too be a legitimate excuse to back up the "find yourself" theory?. I dunno it seems that even i make use of that phrase without really knowin' what it means. I guess i never thought of it's meanin'.

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Interesting... I think it's

Interesting... I think it's about knowing who you are, what you want and where you fit in the big ol' jigsaw of life. However the phrase is clichéd far too often nowadays and looked at closely it is unattainable. It overlooks the fact that our experiences change us. I am not the same person I was yesterday. Don't mistake me, we learn new things everyday, but to expect us to unravel every facet of our psyche, body and spirit is comical.

Do people find themselves at college? No, most of the time they just make rash decisions about their futures because they're pushed into decisions they're not ready to make and are afraid of the unknown. Being patient and learning more about ourselves is important and should not have a time limit on it. We discover some of the answers in our lives but not all and the problem with the phrase 'find yourself' is that it suggests a whole and finite end. This can cause us to panic when we do not reach it.

Perhaps I'm a little scornful because I've met so many people who have 'found themselves' only to loose themself again.

I would say 'Be patient and seek for self knowledge'

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I think its just about getting comfortable with who you are. The truth about who you are is always inside of you, it's just that we don't usually try hard enough to understand what it means, and we suppress it because others discourage it. But if you look hard enough at any time in your life, you'll come to the same conclusion.


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Thanks 4 all the replies guys.

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~~War with inner demons~~

"You could see me reaching
So why couldn't you have
Met me halfway"_-_-_-_Incubus (mexico)

I definately agree. It's not an outside matter or entity that you physically have to find instead it's an inner demon if you will that you have to come face to face with and ultmately defeat..that demon being fear, non acceptance, reluctance, and pain.

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Really finding yourself

As the others have posted.... its about knowing who you are. A few years back I went on a discovery to really find myself, well as usual I came out empty handed. Last year I went to complete a career development course. It a mutiple choice of answers you have to give. The end result is they tell you which fields you should master in, it also tells you what type of person you are etc. Well after doing that assessment I kinda new what type of person I was, what I liked doing, what irritated me and all those things. My discovery started yet again, I need to see if this assessment results was really true. I did know within my self that it was but I need evidence. Basically everything I done, said pointed right back to the assessment confirming it true.

Well what I am trying to say is that , finding yourself is more like what you like, dislike, interaction with others, feelings and the whole nine yards. You can perhaps find yourself by doing an assessment like that.

Once you have done that you will actually find out, how to deal with people, how people should interact with you, which type of friends you should have etc. Try it

PS:Free ain't free until you free from fear.

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People say that we don't chan

People say that we don't change, better or worse, but rather become more of who we are. Really, the potential of yourself is there the whole time, it's just that certain pieces of your personality don't really act up unless pressed upon by certain situations.

Really, finding yourself is really finding out what you're capable of, for good or bad. I don't see me looking in a mirror for hours on end trying to figure out, who am I? Rather, I'll find myself without, rather than within me. If that makes any sense...

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