finding just what you need

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Last night was possibly one of the best nights of my life.. in a really
strange way.

It was bout 1 in the morning.. i was still awake and i suddenly had this
urge to go to walmart. This had been the first night where no one had
come over in a good while and i thought i was gonna stay home, then i
just have this feeling that i needed to leave.

I ignored it at first.. but the longer i waited the more i thought i needed
to go. I finally just decided that going and finding nothing would be
better than not going and wishing i had, so i left.

I cruised around going at my own pace (theres no cops or traffic or
anythign when its that late) and listened to modest mouse (which is really
good driving music). I finally got there and low and behold Robert Browning
is there looking for a car battery. We talked, and walked around for an
hour or so, just talking about cars and what not.

I know absolutely nothing about cars.. and me and Robert really dont talk
or hang out.. we used to work together and honestly i hated him cause he
was really lazy, but for that night we did just fine.. anyone could have
mistaken us for best friends.

Finally he buys a few things.. and says he'll be outside putting them on
his truck for a while.. We said bye, and i went to the CD's (ended up
getting "Symphonic Rock" which is also strange because i'm not a big
classical music fan. even if they are redoing rock songs.. but suprisingly
i enjoyed it alot) I checked out and went to my car. As i'm pulling out
i see robert waving to me.

I turned around and stopped.. got out and talked to him.. and he asked me
if i wanted to help work on his truck.

I know amost nothing about cars..

So i said yes of course.. why not. I spent the next three hours fixing
lights and batteries and messing with CD players and wires.. and it was
very very enjoyable to just sit there at 4 in the morning fixing his truck.
After we had everything put together we just sat on his truck and talked
about random things.

Finally we both left.

And thats the end of the story lol. nothing amazing happened.. nothing
romantic.. nothing bad.. just a day at walmart.. but strangely i think
i needed that night. I dont know why, but it was really really relaxing
and made me feel really good.