Firebirds sufficate in the Ashes

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Its three a.m. and I’m driving down empty streets
Headlights fading into the distance
Light scattered in broken rays across lonely roads
Soft noise echoes from the radio, volume turned down low
Its twenty eight degrees and the heaters been broken for months
But I embrace the cold

Sometimes you wish you could fall in love
Only so that you could know what its like to fall out of it
There are moments where you would rather be in pain
Where you would rather feel the trickle of warm blood
Than be alone and bleed cold tears
Cry frigid loneliness and fragments of your shame

There are days where your heart feels forgotten
Where your very soul has fallen numb
Your eyes can only see shades of red
Eyes searching desperately for signs of attraction
Interpreting simple movements and gestures as flirtation
Only to discover you’re a fool

Love becomes a scar against your heart
Cutting deep into the core
Scarlet tears are bled from unnoticed eyes
You wade through pools of blood at your feet
Calling out in pain from self afflicted wounds
Misery becomes endowment for your tribute

Razorblades and empty eyes become familiars
As you grow more distant
Frozen frames begin to build around you
Windows opened slowly close
Those who would use you eventually go
Leaving you to slow death and cold rooms

I wonder sometimes if there really is love.. maybe its just something
to give us hope.. to give us just a glimmer of light so we can make
it through dark points in our lives.. or if its just unreachable and
we're all just patheticely trying to grasp the untouchable..


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This is really pretty. Oh the imagery....