Free Flying Kites and Six Foot Tails

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I'm daydreaming, dreaming sweet dreams in the day
My thoughts floating about, getting lost in the blue and the clouds
Magic carpets and shoes with wings
What I wouldn't give to fly away
I want to sail with the wind and the sun
Or perhaps just leave this place
Lets fly away, just leave the ground and swim into space
Then we could watch the world from our homes in the sky
Just sit in the clouds and watch the world go round

I'm lost now, lost in a daydream, a dream I dreamt in the day
Lost on magic carpets and in the clouds
On ships that sail the sun and set anchor in space
I swam to far, I flew to far away
Now I'm lost in the blue, shipwrecked in the milky way
Lost in a daydream, a dream I dreamt in the day
The magic carpet went to far and now the earth is fading away
Goodbye world, goodbye life
I'll be back when the wind changes, or maybe when I die


Sometimes i wish i did drugs just so i had an excuse for these
cracked out poems..