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People really suck sometimes. One such time was in English class yesterday. We were going over the answers to some vocabulary exercises when the word fiancé came up. Why this word was on a list for juniors in an honors English class is beyond me, but that isn't really the point. There was this exercise that concerned changing the endings of the words according to its use in the sentence. Fiancé was used in the context of marriage. The kid answering the question said that there should be no change. My teacher said that an e must be added to the end of the word, thus making it feminine, and thus implying that a man was marrying a woman. Another kid in the class said that how can you make an assuption like that. My teacher then acquiesced, but the rest of the class still didn't understand. They even protested. "But why?" was a popular question. Why can't they even imagine that there are unions that exist outside of straight ones. The thought would never even occur to them.

Although that kind of homophobia is not nearly as hurtful as overt hostility, it still gets to me. It's like the fact that there is a new kid in school. He is emo, and pretty good looking I guess. The girls are going like crazy over him. They never even thought about the fact that he could be gay. Which he is. It is so funny watching them dote over him. Why are they so dense. I was fairly certain within minutes of talking to him. And it isn't just because I am a lesbian, because my straight friends noticed too.

On another note, I got inducted into Tri-M (a music honor society thing) today which is cool I guess. Good for that college thing. They made me say a pledge...I don't like pledges. I haven't said one in years. They are just so creepy. Everyone standing up together and saying words in unison. Totally creepy. I briefly debated about whether or not I would abstain, but thought better of it. At least it was all about music, and upholding its integrity and such. I can deal with that.

I miserably failed at my goal of coming out to one person today. It was sad. I had a quota to meet, and it totally just didn't go anywhere. I will try again tomorow. I mean you wouldn't think it should be that hard. The guy is gay for peet's sake. And for all I know, he could even know. It is not like I keep it a secret. I just don't actively shout it at people.


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I know exactly how you feel a

I know exactly how you feel about the stupid girls who
are all over gay guys. Its especially bad at camp
(theatre camp) where the girls know the guys are gay,
but throw themselves at them anyway.


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I went to a theater camp one summer where a young, gay, counselor was raised to practically celebrity status by the girls. It was rather annoying.