Do you have a flag's picture

I just thought I might introduce you into my life!

I'm Sam, 15 (nearly 16!) a vegetarian bisexual (I like saying that, it sounds interesting) lol! I have a girlfriend of just over 4 months, I'm really happy with her, in love you could say. The fact is I'm often more attacted to men, so it's hard to stick when you have a 22 year old sexy gay guy after you! Don't get me wrong, I'm staying faithful but it's hard!

My life is great! Except for school, but who likes school?! Got GCSE's coming up soon, but im sure I'll manage ..... with lots of revision and a little help from God!

Anyways, hope you find me interesting, and if anyone is wondering about the name, it's an Eddie Izzard sketch!

See ya xxxx