I Want to Go SO Bad- but Im scared!!!! Some one Kick me PLeAse!!!

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hi Oasis-

so tonight the GLBT group meets up and i want to goooooooooo really bad but im terrified

i have no idea who might or will be there and well i dont know if im going to go yet--- at times im all for it but then i get scared and realize what a huge step it is for me if i do go....booooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

I NEED TO MAKE UP MY MIND by 7pm..so yes ..i also have tons of HW i should be doing..which i will try to do i suppose...so yea should i go?? i know the answer is YES--but what can i do to make it easier....*bahhhhhh*

:/ cnn*


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just do it!

Go!!!!!!!!!!! You want to, so just go. I know how uncomfortable it is to a group like that. I belong to a self-injury group, and it was scary for me, but now I look forward to going every week. If you go, you can meet some new people who may have the same beliefs and interests that you do. Good luck!

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What's worse?

Are you going to kick yourself more for

1. Going and a) hating it, or b) finding out it's not your thing


2. Not going and wondering if you should have.

Otherwords, what do you have to lose?

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You go, girl!

That's right, I think you should go, too. :) I really don't think you have much to be scared of as far as who will be there. If it's a good group, you'll have more friends to talk about gay stuff with that you didn't have before. Friends are good.

Mustering up the courage to go will be the hardest part.


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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so im going...but im still terrified.... :)

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