Indulging in the wrong signals..

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Yeah hey everyone.. i guess.

To the point then. One of my friends has been acting a bit wierd
lately. He recently broke up with his girlfriend (ok its been a month or
so but thats still recent) and since everyone has noticed him having alot
of new wierd querks. Some of our friends say that hes been acting really
weird when i, or anything having to do with being gay comes up in a
conversation. There were alot of people that thought he might have had some
umm.. gay querks you could say before this.. even rumors that he had done
a few things with guys at some parties.. but hes really not quite himself
when alcohol is in the equation and the rest is rumors so its not evidence.

I dont know what i was thinking.. but i invited him to go with me to
the Constantine movie with me.. not as a date or anything.. and he agreed
almost to eagerly. I've had a crush on him for awhile.. but i have this
feeling in the back of my head that i'm just misjudging the situation
and i'm going to end up doing something really stupid. I think my crush is
just making my clarity on the whole situation warped.. but in the same
token i would really like to know if he has any interest in guys.. or if
its even possible that he likes me..

Am i just to eager for someone that i'm jumping to conclusions?


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Invite him to stay overnight at your place after the movie is over and see what happens.

"Sometimes a little brain damage helps."
-- George Carlin

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Well, you might or you might

Well, you might or you might not be jumping to conclusions, but, ultimately you won't find out anything or go anywhere (relationship-wise) if you don't take that first step. Unless he's a very close-minded person, what have you got to lose?

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hey. i don't know if your fri

hey. i don't know if your friend is gay or not, but i can tell you that you aren't the only one who "sees things the way you want to see them". just today i told a friend that one of the hardest things about being gay for me is always thinking that other people are gay; however, the guy you are talking about seems like he might be gay to me.

my "wishful thinking" has me seeing all of these signs that don't exist. if you and him are good enough friends and talk on a regular basis, you could turn the subject to politics and ask him how he feels about gay marriage. you should do this in privacy of couse, and make sure that other people aren't around who might make him uncomfortable to say what he really thinks.

if he turns out to be all for gay marriage, you could let him know you are gay, unless he gossips a lot. you should be sure he can keep a secret if you aren't already out of the closet. if he is for gay marriage he probably won't have a problem with you being gay, and if he is gay he will probably come out to you! :-D

sorry this comment is so long, but i went through the same thing a few years ago. i thought a guy who i was completely in love with was gay, mainly due to the fact that he "flirted" with me (at least how i saw it) and because he had gay porn on his computer-- he turned out to be straight, but was incredibly accepting of my gayness! i'm still not sure why he had gay porn on his computer... he says it was for me... hmmmmm :-D

best of luck!