Life on Broadcast

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Here in this place, minds lie dormant
Slowly thoughts melt away under plasma screens
While individuality is carefully erased by radio waves
Hail the digital age
A decadent time where media rules the masses
Lead by generations raised under airwaves
Their eyes focused blindly on color broadcasts
Life measured in mega pixels and broadband
A single sentence to govern them, “supply and demand


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I really like this. The message is wonderful. I especially like the lines, "Slowly thoughts melt away under plasma screens" and "Life measured in mega pixels and broadband." This poem is so true.

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This poem made me think of a science fiction short story I read when I was younger. It had to do with the populace eating an additive in their food that made them susceptible to subliminal messages in the television broadcasts. It was a really freaky story.

I really liked the poem by the way.

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Re: triggers

actually.. now that you mention it i just realized theres a wierd sci-fi short story about a guy walkign down the street and it being completely empty because everyone is inside watchign tv.. he ends up being arrested by a robot car cop thing.. and it was all very deppressing..

But anywayz.. i think i've read the story your talkign about lol

"You want us to do WHAT?!?!"
~Chinese wall constructors

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I think you're thinking about Fehrenheight 451

That was a really cool book! one of the greatest in public school curriculem! A friend of mine had no idea that fehrenheight 911 was a spin off of that book...GO SOCIETY!

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Ah! I think I read that...

If I'm thinking of the same story, it was in a hundred-and-some page book with a few collected sci-fi stories. It was about a type of cereal which a group of evil-minded extraterrestrials used to brainwash humanity.

This was an interesting, thought-provoking poem. I liked it a lot (particularly because it the media's power over us frustrates me).