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:: meekly waves :: Hey everyone. I know, I know...it's been awhile. Sorry I haven't posted, but I really think I've just been at a point, personally, where I didn't feel the need. I don't even know if anyone here keeps tabs on me anyways.

Okay, so a quick general summary of the past few months: I'm back at school and it's half way through the spring semester, about. I'm enjoying my classes this semester...can't believe I'll be a senior soon! I'm waiting to find out if I've gotten an internship with Cedar Point Amusement Park (as a summer internal auditor) and also an RA position with my dorm next school year. (I really really really want to be an RA!)

I'm no longer dating the girl I had been...the long distance thing just got to be too much to handle, plus she never contacted me at Christmas time to explain why she didn't come to my Dad's like she was supposed to. I don't really feel upset or angry about it at all...I see now that it was just never meant to work out. I'll be writing her a letter soon...we haven't spoken/communicated since before Christmas.

I currently have a major crush on a grad student here. She's a 1st year theology grad student, and she's definitely gay. :: grins :: Tonight she's singing in a choir concert (which is going to be amazing!) and I'm giving her flowers afterwards. I'm really nervous cause I've never been this outgoing or direct towards a girl before. I've been more of the pursuee rather than the pursuer. We'll see how it goes. I just really really like this girl and would love the chance to get to know her better.

Well I think I'd better go. I'll try to make an effort to post more frequently. And I'll post to tell anyone who's interested about how tonight goes. Keep your fingers crossed for me so that I don't make a ginormous fool out of myself.




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I love hearing good news! It's so awesome that you made RA and have an internship. My roommate from last year lives right by Cedar Point and wants me to go so badly. I've never been there which apparently is a crime if you're living in Ohio for nine months out of the year.

Good luck with the grad student. :) Let us know what happens.

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Actually I haven't gotten the

Actually I haven't gotten the internship or RA position yet... I'm still waiting to find out on both. Thanks for the vote of confidence though ;) lol


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I'm glad to read you again :)

I'm glad to read you again :)

Good luck on the RA position. I've been one for the last three years, and it was the best decision I ever made. It's just the best experience. :) I hope you get it.

And good luck tonight - let us know how how it goes.