Love Beautifully

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I can feel you now, touching me oh so softly
Fingers moving silently in rhythm against my flesh
Speaking romance through every brush, through every slight
Beautiful poetry falling like rain against my shell
I feel your body now, pressed lovingly against mine
Heartbeats falling in sync
Beating as one

In darkness we find beauty beyond measure
Color drained, the world becomes composed of cold sheets and beloved flesh
Brief flashes emanate from the heart, giving light to the work
Navigating bodies through sonar, finding pathways through pleasure cries
In ecstasy bodies become blurs, beauty becomes lust
How can someone describe such passion, such emotion
It makes you wonder how anyone can define love

After the romance, the delicate and gracefully dance of love
You find the greatest gift of your task, the last minutes before the dreams
Kissing lovingly in treasured darkness, final gentle touches
Hearts content with lying close, breathing scents of ecstasy
Smiling gently before succumbing to sweet sleep
Dreaming of the oh so beautiful love
All while you whisper the final grace, “It's you I love.