Melissa Etheridge at the Grammy Awards show...

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You don't know strength until you know the story of Melissa Etheridge. She has never had it easy and she has worked damn hard to get to where she is today. She embraces who she is, she is open about the way she lives her life, and she openly loves her wife and children and doesn't let anyone believe otherwise.

Melissa was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of months ago. She came through it and she is as strong as ever. But nothing can prove her strength better than her performance tonight on the Grammy Awards.

Working with Joss Stone, Melissa paid tribute to another great singer, Janis Joplin. She got on stage and sang her heart out like she does during every performance. She and Joss received a standing ovation for their moving rendition of Janis's song.

What moved me the most was the fact that Melissa got on stage in front of millions proudly sporting a new look. Because of her cancer treatments, Melissa lost all of her beautiful blonde hair. Tonight Melissa Etherdige proved that its not the look that makes the person, but the drive inside to make the person inside show through anything. Melissa Etheridge is an amazing, brave, talented and loved woman. She is in short, astonishing.

That was something I wrote last night after I watched the performance. It absolutely moved me to tears. To see what Melissa went through and then watch her last night, just wow. She is amazing. I have seen her three times in concert and it just keeps getting better.


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melissa and the grammys

I saw the performance and it was moving. In fact, it was the only part of the broadcast that I made sure to watch

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That's the only part of the show that I watched as well. And I was so proud of her when they played a clip of her walking the red carpet into the show on the news.

"Always forward. Never straight."