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I've been feeling very happyl. There's no describing it, really, but I think the chemicals in my brain are short circuiting because, quite suddenly, I'm so happy. I have a relatively mediocre life, I have a lovely family and caring friends... However, I've always been unhappy before, always moping, always hoping for a better life. Right now, I feel fulfilled somehow, like everything is going in the right direction and nothing could be better at the moment. Why is that? Is my body chemistry doing a happy little dance, just for me? I can't explain, but it really is a wonderful feeling.

Wow. A positive entry.

Who'da thunk it...

Had a lovely Saturday. I got up quite early and went to see the Rode Parade. :3 It was alright. My general disdain for the enslavement and abuse of beautiful creatures was slightly overshadowed by the rain and the loud, resounding groans of the marching bands. I love the marching bands. <333 We proceeded (Parental untis, younger brother) to the mexican restaurant right in the Montrose that has a big sign of two men cuddling above. Hahah. It made my step dad cringe and my mother giggle behind his back. With this lunch concluded, I went to school (en une weekend? oui, oui) to work on meh character with Señora Chambers. After having a nice little chat with her, detailing my future, I went to the Elsa's house. Her mom was really awesome and she gave us a ride to the movies. It was a very enjoyable experience, and I hung out with all the really awesome people that I love so much. Much of the badness that has permeated other social experiences in the somewhat recent past were gone. It was beautiful, full of depth. Not the anxious and surly depth that usually follows after a Faithhouseparty, but more uplifting. Oh and I had a boy on my lap during much of the movie. <33333333 x 5746546.