my eyes are burning

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Never purposely stay up almost all night unless you absolutely have to... I had to do homework last night, and then write letters to my friends for retreat Thursday-Friday. I finished my homework between 12 and 1, but then I wrote five letters... My parents get up every morning at 2:45 for their paper route, so I had to turn off my light and listen to see if they were coming upstairs or near my room. They left at three, and that's when I finished the letters. I was done with all of them at 4:15, and tried to stay up until 6:45, but I couldn't make it. I gave in and fell asleep at 4:45. So yeah, I only got two hours of sleep. Never again will I do this... Luckily I had time to make myself some coffee so that I didn't fall asleep in analysis or any other classes.