Now leaving Lexiland...

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And that's probably a good thing. Delusion was bliss, for a short time. After Kris and I talked, I guess I wanted to believe that everything would be somewhat better. I mean, we chilled some this weekend, and things seemed cool. When I went over to gf's room, her sister and Kris were talking. We said hi, but that was about it. I tried to sit down and start reading my new book, but Le, my gf, was kinda left out. I don't think Kris even said hi to Le. I didn't want to hurt Kris any more, but I also didn't want to leave Le sitting alone. This is really hard. I want to be friends with her, but I also don't want to make things hard on her. She still cares even though she doesn't want to. And to be true, I still care about her. Things are really complicated. I know Kris can't really stand to be around Le. For my sake, she tells me that she's neutral about her. Then, Le was getting a little insecure about me hanging out with Kris some on the weekends. We talked about that and put the issue to rest at least for the meantime. Guess I'll just keep taking everything day by day. What more can I do?

a.k.a. Willing to taking any advise
a.k.a. Thankful to have Oasis