Oh my Gosh...how could she

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Well its out...almost everyone in my school now thinks of me as 'That Lesbian Chick' I didn't want that laebel....
I was sitting with my friends and my ex-girlfriend came up to the table and started asking about Cody because I was hanging around him a lot and she wanted to know why I lied to him about being straight and why I was going out with him. We weren't going out really...of course she didn't know that. By the end of the conversation, everyone in the lunchroom was staring at me and whispering like I was some sort of freak! I can't believe my school, they are racist/antigay Hicks. Now no one barely talks to me and most girls change on one side of the lockeroom in gym, leaving me almost completly alone. So now I change in the freakin' bathroom! I really can't beleive the people I go to school with...everyone looks at me differently and I dont really understand why... Hardly any of the girls talk to me and one of my friends asked me not to hit on her....Any one else ever have problems in school due to preference? I mean, COME ON!