Ongoing story which im thinking up on the spot!

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Hey again, i decided to write a story! It's ongoing, so please tell me what you think and any things you would want included.

Disclaimer: Any characters in this story are purely fictional and any likeness to anyone is purely coincidental! Unless I base the characters on my friends..... then I'm screwed!

People often ask me what it's like being a freak. I just shrug them and keep on walking. Then i get the names and the things being thrown at me, but I'm strong, I can live with it!
I've always known that I'm special, ever since i first realised i could remember the point of my birth. Well not really birth, more creation.

My mum always tells me that I'm a gift to the world from God, the next stage that people should try to become. But i think science has created a one word answer for what I am. Evolution!
It had never occured to my mum that it was strange her baby could walk and talk by the age of 6 months. A strange mother she was, and still is. I asked her what could have caused my mutations, she, and several other scientists arrived at the fact it was my father.

He's dead now. He died the night I was concieved. He was working in his lab, as all Quantom Historians do, trying to figure out how to make sure his time machine worked. He had finally got it right, or so he thought. He was conducting a test run and he sat in the clair, ready to start the program, when there was a huge nutrino explotion from the forward reactor. My father was blasted by huge amounts of nutrino, positron and anti-gamma radiation. He was sure he was going to die. He ran back to our house, 3 miles from his lab. The radiation was killing him but it had given him a new lease of life for the time he had left. He could run faster than he ever could. HE finally found my mother and told her what was happening. After long bouts of tears, she decided that she wanted his child, to preserve his life on the earth. He warned her of the risks, but she wanted his child, she would not waver her decision. One thing led to another and I was concieved!

The scientists figured out that because of the radiation in my father, my cells started attacking each other. For some reason, unknown to them, a new type of cell was created. A 'blaze' cell they call it. It stopped the cells attacking by fusing with them and calming them down and this somehow gave me the powers i now enjoy. I was born in a lab because docters thought that my mother couldn't handle me inside of her.

My name is blaze, I think it is because of my greatest power, the fact i can walk into fire without being burned or make it die by just looking at it! I say power hear because thats what i see it as, not a mutation or a something wrong, but a power, something that makes me better than other people. The only trouble is, i often burst into flame randomly. The scientist can't figure out why, its just because! Also a plus of my power, there is a constant flaming in my pupils, which i think is pretty cool! But some people find it scary! Aswell as this power, i have a higher intellect than normal 'genius' humans and i have a lot more strength than i should have for my age!

So this is were my story begins. I've explained who I am, now this is the story of what happens to me because of my powers. Here we go .....

It started off a pretty normal day, i walked to school, getting called a few names as i burst into flames (the rain soon put that out!) I arrived at school and met Josh my best friend, and Saskia, my girlfriend, at least i think she is .....


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r u gonna write more?
i like ur story a lot....:P

"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne
"A powerful festering energy roots itself in this land and carves a crest of blood"bcuz humans r so very simple" -fullmetal alchemist(lust)

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I'm not sure if that was sarcasm but thanx anyways lol. I'm gonna keep writing, but i got tired last night, so i stopped! Any ideas?

Do you have a flag?

What do you mean do we have a flag?
We live here!
We don't need a flag!

No flag no country!
Those are the rules, I just made up!

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Next part, for the one person who read it!

Here we go, I was going to concentrate on his relationship with his girlfriend, but i decided to leave that for later in the story. Hope you like this part. Sorry for the lack of discription of him and his friends.

We've been dating a while on and off, but sometimes, she gets scared. Probably because i nearly burnt her bedroom down the other week.... but thats another story ;).

Anyway, I met with them and we had gym class. I like gymclass, it's so easy when your stronger and more agile than everybody around you! So we had gym class, the coach showered me with praise, as he always does, and the other guys... they just sat and glared, as they always do. It was a pretty normal day after that, lunch was disgusting and classes were boring but we finally got out of school and Josh, Saskia and I started to walk home. This is when things started to get interesting!

We were walking home and all of a sudden, a building exploded next to us! Pretty random I know, but it happened. I pushed Saskia out of the way of the shrappnal raining down on us a decided that I should put out the fire now blazing in the building. I stood there and focused my mind on the fire, instantly the blaze cells within me started to fire up, causing my mind to do something strange. I opened my eyes, pupils blazing stronger than before and looked directly at the fire. It started to flicker. Slowly, it started to die down. It had almost reached the bottom when BAM it went back up to its highest peek. I didn't understand, how could this happen? Were my blaze cells failing me? I decided to run into the building and check for survivers. Hoping my cells would work for me this time. I stepped towards the fire. Thankfully, I felt no heat, it meant at least this power was working. I stepped into the fire, instantly i felt invigorated. My pupils blazed stronger than ever. I ran through the house checking room after room, there was no-one there. Then, I thought I saw something. Just a shadow, running further up the stairs, into the attic. I ran up there, suddenly the air began to cool. I felt weaker than I had in the fire. And then I saw him, my Uncle Maximus, 'What are you doing here?' i asked, 'Just checking on you.' he replied. Then I fainted, feeling colder and colder as the darkness surrounded me......

There you go the next installment, tell me what you think!