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It it expensive to go to nyu?because i really want to study Drama there.
But im like not that rich so i wouldnt know.Im south african so i dont know
Like is Columbia or harvard or yale the top unis?


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Ivy League

Ivy League schools such as Yale and Harvard are considered the elite universities. They're also grossly expensive. I don't know how much tuition is at NYU seeing as how I go to Ohio State, but you could check NYU's website.

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THanks alot guy.youve really made my day!!

That is all i needed to know.Because i wasnt sure if nyu was just and average uni or and ivy league as you guys say so thanks a bunch!!!

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Ivy League schools

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania comprise the Ive League, which are the most elite schools in the US, along with some other schools like Stanford, Berkeley, the University of Washington, and a few others.

I don't know about NYU, but it's probably cheaper than the Ivies.

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