Out of the Deep (And into the Shallow)

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I am so shallow. I didn't used to be this way, I used to look beneath the person's face for love, but now I am only enthused by pretty faces. While it is fun to be so shallow sometimes, I feel guilty about it.

Take yesterday, for example. I went to a friend's house for a Lord of the Rings movie marathon of all three movies. It was really fun--think 14 hours of either watching or eating or laughing or all three in some combination. I hadn't seen the movies before, as I wanted to read the books first and it was slow reading. Anyway, everyone in that movie is SO PRETTY.

Like Frodo--everyone was going on about how effeminate he was, and I quite agree, but what's wrong with effeminateness? I didn't say that though. And Legolas--normally I don't like Orlando Bloom, but I have gotten so far into the shallows of attraction that every time he came up on the screen, I wuould think (and sometimes say) "Aw, he's so pretty." :) He's so pretty... And I couldn't stop thinking about how pretty he was during play practice today...

Ack, what's happening to me? I am so shallow!! It's driving me insane! And I only notice the pretty girls at school, too (most of the guys I don't find prety. But the ones that are pretty... mmmm...)

This is going against what I believe in. People should not be judged by outer appearances. The beauty within is what counts. But here I am, being an inconsiderate, hormonal, shallow person. Oh well. It can't be helped, I suppose.


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Hard to say...

It is not easy to judge whether you are shallow by admiring the actors in Lord of the Rings, because there is no little else going on in that movie. Any movie where it takes 14 hours to watch people climb up a hill needs its share of distractions. I caved after the first two movies, I couldn't take the pain anymore.

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That is so harsh Jeff...I mean if nothing else the three movies were worth the build up to the fight scene in the third movie with the Elephaunts...So cool...and Legolas...mmmmhhh...


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LOL...I don't think that woul

LOL...I don't think that would be considered shallow.
Since you don't know these people, you can only be attracted to them by their looks. Hey, whatever floats your boat, right?

"Those lucky punks..."

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We're all shallow then

Or we don't have a sex drive. As long as you don't start stalking Orlando Bloom, there's nothing wrong with letting your mouth drop open and your tongue hang out, except that it's Orlando Bloom. How can you be into Legolas when there's Aragorn nearby?


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:) Because Legolas is just so much cooler.

Aragorn already has two women after him--does he really need another?--while Legolas has none (unless you count Gimlee as a romantic interest. And that just makes Legolas hotter, anyway. For some reason, I have a depressing attraction to gay guys...). And Aragorn--I mean, he's good looking I suppose, but he just looks too old for me. Legolas looks so young and hopeful and happy in the movie, while Aragorn is so worried.

And ...mmm... i think Frodo is really pretty too. If I had to rate people by my attraction to them, I would have to say Legolas, Frodo, Iowen, Arwen, Merri (he just seemed like a cool person), and Aragorn... I suppose...