Relationship issues are so clichè...

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Soooo. I have a boyfriend that is really awesome. He's intellegent, reasonably attractive, and holds a wonderful balance between your regular male asshole, and a sensitive homosexual. The irony of it all is that I'm the bisexual one... XD Anyway, He's great and I like him a lot, but as I detailed in a previous entry, getting together with him is very difficult. As a sensualist I want to experience everything. I want to know people and experiences of all sorts... Having a boyfriend sometimes makes me guilty when I'm flirting with some person that I think is attractive, but I like that contact. The way two people connect or clash.... the way two friends show affection, the way to bodies come together... Every one of these sensations represents something very important for me... any way, this is my question, my problem: how appropriate is flirting since I have a boyfriend and if I'm not being as bad I seem to think I am, what are the limits on what I could do with other people?

Haha, anyway, I bought Invader Zim on DVD. YAY. I love Johnen Vasquez- he cracks me up. Sometimes I think I don't want to grow and just live my life watching Invader Zim or Moulin Rouge and spending long hours chatting with friends on the phone and online. Everythingness is clouding my mind. I must go now.



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I used to feel exactly the sa

I used to feel exactly the same way. Flirting is very natural to me and I seem to give out signals even when I'm not intending to. I guess I've always been polyarmorous (see bio for definition) without realising it. I'd say the only way to go ahead is to discuss things with your partner and agree upon the boundaries of your relationship. Don't let societys expectations on relationships impede what you want to do. Make your relationship work for you. It's important that it makes you happy, not guilty all the time.

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