screw Valentine's Day

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I know most of you appreciate the holiday, but I do not. If you like it, and are offended by me saying screw Valentine's Day, you best stop reading now. I don't want to have to deal with a bunch of angry people. I am allowed to express my opinion if I damn well want.

Valentine's Day sucks. Why? Because it's too commericalized. It's only one day out of the year where people show that they love or care for others. We should show it more often than on this holiday! Love is not all about chocolate, teddy bears, or cards. It's about caring for someone unconditionally, even with their faults, and being there for them when they need you.

I work in retail, I am a cashier at Target. It sickened me to see all the pink and red, heart-shaped, frilly, and stuffed creatures that went through my line. Blech. I wanted to throw up! What a waste. Valentine's Day wasn't even about this. The card companied took it and warped it, and people now accept it.

Yes, some of this may be bitterness about not having a Valentine, but I felt this way about Christmas as well. Holidays should not become like this. It's just wrong.


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I too didn't have a valentine.

Some estimates suggest as many as half of all couples split up on Valentine's Day. Doesn't sound like a very romantic day IMO. People should be romantic any day of the year they feel like, and if Valentine's day isn't convenient, then they shouldn't have to worry about the other person getting pissed off. Just because everyone else who's dating is getting laid that day doesn't mean you and your bf/gf/partner have to.